Real World Scenery Enhancements for Microsoft FSX and Prepar3D…

VFR Generation X is a series of enhancements for Microsoft Flight Simulator X and Lockheed Martin Prepar3D that replace the generic default scenery for the UK with high definition aerial photography and terrain data, giving you the same views from your virtual cockpit that real aviators enjoy in flight.

A worthy winner of my first Armchair Aviator Gold for an FSX product.
  • High Definition Photographic Scenery
    Unparalleled 0.6m photography in Scotland, and 1.2m photography in England, Wales & Ireland (with 0.3m inserts for major cities) - perfect for spectacular VFR flights.
  • High Resolution Terrain Mesh
    An intricate and accurate 5m/pixel terrain mesh provides minute topographic detail, depicting every lump and bump of terrain in the scenery area.
  • Realistic Water Bodies
    Hand drawn, blended water masks provide realistic water colours, retain underwater features in the photography, and blend seamlessly with coastal waters.
  • Enhanced Performance
    Better performance than default scenery - VFR Generation X has been specifically designed to optimise performance, giving smooth frame rates with crisp, sharp scenery textures.