About Horizon

For more than 15 years, Horizon has been helping our clients to deliver outstanding training solutions to their customers with innovative and immersive, accurate and realistic virtual models of the real world. We’ve worked with armed forces, leading flight training institutions, defence contractors and agencies, simulation manufacturers, and tens of thousands of gamers, private and professional pilots worldwide.

Our Services

Virtual Models of the Real World
Whether airbourne, terrestrial, or nautical, Horizon's synthetic terrains provide accurate, realisti...
High Fidelity 3D Models
Balancing photo quality realism with real-time performance is our speciality. Our 3D models are optm...
Imagery, Terrain and Vector Data
Horizon works with the leading suppliers of GIS data worldwide. We're expert in editing and enhancin...
Multiple Platforms and Formats
We've delivered assets for a wide range of image generators and games engines, including: Unreal Eng...

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